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Blockchain Commons’ mission is to advocats for human dignity online by enabling people to control their own digital destiny. We are proudly a “not-for-profit” social benefit corporation committed to open source, open development, and defensive patents.

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Our mission is funded entirely by donations and collaborative partnerships with people like you. Every contribution will be spent on building open, interoperable, secure, and compassionate infrastructural architectures, and on creating demand and peers for these systems.

Your personal or corporate patronage can help us to further the development of these projects. Together, we can ensure that digital data is personally controlled in a way that supports independence, privacy, resilience, and openness, and with your gift, we too can remain independent while doing so.

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Sustaining Sponsors

Sustaining patrons have made an ongoing commitment of funds for the support of Blockchain Commons.

Bitmark is a technology company focused on establishing and protecting your rights. It was founded in 2014 to fix and restore trust in the Internet. They wanted to show the world that being able to trust data would lead to a better future for all. Today, Bitmark builds not only the protocol to restore trust in data but also consumer apps that empower humans in the digital age.

Blockchainbird is a free and open source software toolset with a manual to build an extra guarantee layer on existing database systems. It is free to use and adapt to your own needs. Smartphones and smart custody arranged? Then Bird gives wings to projects that are labeled as blockchain, but can in fact be implemented with databases.

Foundation Devices Foundation Devices is the creator of Passport, a next-gen hardware wallet that makes it easier than ever to securely store your Bitcoin. They believe that Bitcoin and decentralized technologies will empower the individual, leading to a better world where people control their own data and their own money. Foundation is building a new category of sovereign computing devices.\

Unchained Capital is a new kind of financial services company. They are the first collaborative asset management firm that offers loans and vaults for your Bitcoin. It was founded by people who believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world but only if they’re useful. They set out to build financial products for long-term crypto-investors to get more value from their assets today and in the future.

Additional Sponsors

Thanks to our other GitHub sponsors, including:

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Avanti Bank


And many others!

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