Blockchain Commons was founded with the goal of supporting blockchain infrastructure and the broader security industry through cryptographic research, cryptographic & privacy protocol implementations, architecture & code reviews, industry standards, etc. In particular, we seek to improve the blockchain ecosystem by focusing on infrastructure and solutions that are decentralized, platform & blockchain neutral and vendor-independent. Blockchain Commons is a “not-for-profit” benefit corporation, with a strong commitment to open source and a defensive patent strategy.

Projects in process include: documentating best-practices and standards for digital asset custody known as #SmartCustody, which recently released our first #SmartCustody book; supporting human rights decentralized identity at #RebootingWebOfTrust; developing an open source identity wallet reference implementation; expanding social key-recovery techniques; creating new zero-knowledge curve-operation proofs; providing security reviews of sidechain pegging and merge mining; supporting cross-chain atomic transfers; and establishing multi- and cross-blockchain standards.