Blockchain Commons has released a feature-complete version of LetheKit, a do-it-yourself hardware platform that allows you to conduct cryptographic operations on an airgapped device. Complete information for creating your own LetheKit and downloading its software can be found in Blockchain Commons’ LetheKit repo.

Because you build LetheKit yourself and use open-source software, you know everything about your kit, and can depend on it for safe Bitcoin seed generation.

To show how easy it is to use the LetheKit to generate seeds for use in Bitcoin, LetheKit maintainer Gorazd Kovacic has recently released a short video. As it demonstrates, all you need to do is roll dice or generate hardware entropy, and the LetheKit will use that to generate truly random seeds. You can then display a Uniform Resource (UR) or a QR code, export HD keys, or convert your seed into BIP39 mnemonics or SSKR shards. The LetheKit is very versatile!

Whenever you turn off LetheKit, it safely erases its memory, just like the river Lethe. You can then restore from an external source. Our suggestion is that you maintain #SmartCustody of your new keys by engraving them into stainless steel. This will ensure their resilience, and that they can’t be easily lost.

Thanks to Ken Sedgwick for his creation of the LetheKit and to Gorazd Kovacic for his continued maintenance. The project is part of Blockchain Commons’ focus on #SmartCustody, which teaches that the best way to protect cryptocurrency keys is to keep them offline: LetheKit ensures that your seeds never touch a connected device.

Other Blockchain Commons projects such as the Gordian system follow this same philosophy, effortlessly dividing up your cryptocurrency between a connected node and an air-gapped mobile device. The two projects even work together. You can export keys from LetheKit and import them into your Gordian Wallet!

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