Our first #SmartCustody workshop will be on Tue, January 29, 2019, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST, at 554 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 94040-1217, Map.

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This is the first of three different #SmartCustody workshops. This workshop is designed for individual holders of digital assets, in particular cryptocurrency traders and those high net-worth individuals who are already familiar & working with digital assets, but are seeking to learn best practices for protecting themselves and their business from theft, fraud, or loss.

  • Are you considering all possible threats to your digital assets?
  • Do you have comprehensive procedures to assess your risk profile?
  • How does your system stack up against others in industry?

Future workshops will be focused on holders of digital assets that have fiduciary responsibility to others, such as small investment funds & family firms, or those who are required to use third-party qualified custodians for management of digital assets due to the amount of funds held.

These #SmartCustody workshops are a project of Blockchain Commons, which supports blockchain infrastructure, internet security & cryptographic research.

What you can expect to learn

The day will cover leading practices for the industry as well as advanced concepts, including but not limited to:

  • A simple cold-storage scenario, with detailed checklist
  • Detailed case studies of 24 digital asset “Adversaries”
  • Digital asset risk modeling & example scenarios
  • Hardware & service selection
  • Presentations & materials from leading cryptocustody companies.

The day will conclude with an open salon to discuss open questions and options for future collaboration across the industry.


Christopher Allen

Founder, Executive Director, Blockchain Commons

  • Co-author of TLS, widest deployed security standard
  • Founder #RebootingWebOfTrust
  • Previously Principal Architect of Blockstream
  • Former CTO of Certicom

Bryan Bishop

Digital Asset Consultant

  • Bitcoin Core Contributor
  • Former Chief Architect, Custody, LedgerX

Angus Champion De Crespigny


  • Previously Financial Services Blockchain Leader, EY
  • 11 years of financial services experience across custody, compliance, cybersecurity, strategy


9:30am: Registration & Coffee

10:00am: Workshop begins: Fundamentals of digital assets, keys, and self-custody

10:30am: Detailed review of Simple Cold Storage Scenario & Checklist

11:00am: Digital Asset “Adversaries” and Case Studies Discussion

12:00pm: Lunch (provided)

1:00pm: Intro to Digital Asset Risk Modeling

1:30pm: Demo of Self-Custody Digital Risk Model

2:00pm: Demo and live discussion of various digital asset wallets and custody hardware

2:30pm: Break

3:00pm: Salon to address open questions/missing requirements

4:00pm: Close


$2,000 includes the workshop, handouts, and other self-custody related materials. There are a couple $1,000 tickets for registered non-profits that accept or manage cryptocurrency. Contact Christopher Allen if you wish to pay via cryptocurrency.

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