Today, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) announced a Bitcoin Development Fund grant to Blockchain Common for its continued support of the development of FROST, including holding two more virtual FROST meetings for the developer community.

FROST is a powerful quorum threshold signature scheme built using Schnorr signatures that offers many advantages over existing signature methodologies. That includes crucial integration with Distributed Key Generation: private keys can be created in pieces by discrete online servers, with no server ever having the whole key. Altogether, FROST can improve privacy, resilience, and security alike, making it truly a next-generation key-management system.

Blockchain Commons has long looked forward to the mainstream deployment of Schnorr and FROST because of their considerable benefits over traditional key-management and signature schemes. We held out first FROST Implementer’s Round Table in 2023 to give FROST library implementers and cryptographers a chance to talk with each other, and we were asked to do more. We also hosted a FROST Developer’s Meeting this year where we worked with Jesse Posner to offer wallet developers a look at what the future of FROST means.

Blockchain Commons is thrilled by HRF’s recognition of our work. Their funding makes it possible to continue this work this year: we’ll be hosting a second round table for FROST library implementers & cryptographers on September 18, then a second meeting for wallet developers on December 4. If you’re a cryptographer or library implementer, sign up for our FROST implementer’s list and if you’re a wallet developer, sign up for our Gordian developer’s list to receive the announcements on these events. Admission is free thanks to the support of HRF!

Blockchain Commons has also placed FROST on our developmental road map for the year, to consider incorporating it our reference code and tools. More details as additional funding and our schedule firm up.

In the meantime, put September 18 and/or December 4 on your calendars so that you can join Blockchain Commons for these important events that will unveil the future of multi-party signatures and key management.